It’s all fresh, it’s all handmade, and it’s all good!


Alpacas of Haven Hill Farm

Judy Leon and Kim Atkins Alpaca Yarn and finished products, Felting, Plants, Cut Flowers, Vegetables and new this year, PACA POO, living finished compost for gardens and containers - 2 and 5 gallon containers with lids that can be refilled.
Ballston Lake Apiaries

Nettle Meadow Cheese

Sean Dean Honey and Bee Products of all kinds; Nettle Meadow Cheeses.
Bee and Bramble, LLC

Facebook: Bee&Bramble,LLC

Karen and Steve Mattison Hand-forged blacksmith items: hooks, hangers, coatracks; Honey and Beeswax candles, Natural Care products, Prints, Eggs, Felted items.
Caldwell Country Store, LLC

Hildy Monroe Baked goods, Homemade jams, relishes and fudge, plants, vegetables, balsam pillows, aprons, crafts.
Casey Beal Designs

Casey Beal Hand painted bags, clothing, flour sack towels, silver-smithed handmade jewelry.
Cornell Cooperative Extension

Catherine Martini Education and Information on all aspects of Gardening, Soil Testing.
DickInson's Delights

Tamberlyn and Jon Dickenson Fresh Made Crepes, Pies, Scones, Breads, Brownies, Cakes, Cookies, Baked Goods, Jams, Salsa, Granola, Hot Cocoa Mis, Prepared foods: paninis, soups, chicken salad, fruit salad.
Erin Elizabeth Ceramics

Erin Hogan Hand thrown and carved Pottery.
Euro Delicacies

Armin Hrelja Delicious home-cooked Greek and Mediterranean ready-to-eat dishes.
Fei Fish

Wenlee Fei Fantastic handmade Artisan Jewelry and tile art inspired by the Adirondacks.
High Noon, Inc.

Diane Figueroa Gluten-free quiches, Grain salads, Curry rice appetizer, Spanokopita, Cookies, Cakes, muffins, Babycakes, Brownies.
Humiston Vegetables

Josh Humiston Corn, Berries, squash, melons, eggplant, all seasonal vegetables.
Lake George Distilling Company

Robin McDougall Hand-Crafted Artisan Spirits: Bourbon, Gin, Vodka, Rum, 32 Mile Moonshine, Indian Kettles Smoked Corn Whiskey, Apple Pie Moonshine, Sweet Tea Island Shine, Lake George Lemonade, Bullhead Bourbon, Red Rock Rye, Bunker Hill Bourbon, Barrel Aged Maple syrup.
Lavenlair Farm, LLC

Diane Allen All Lavender: fresh and dried bundles of lavender, lotion, body butter, liquid soap, bar soap, lip balm, honey, tea, cookies, jelly, essential oil, eye masks, neck wraps, hydrofoil, cookbooks, candles, lavender exfoliating putty.
Longlesson Farm Angus, LLC

Bob and Melanie Mason Grass-fed, grass-finished pure-bred Angus beef as well as pastured pork, free-range chicken and eggs. All humanely raised without hormones or antibiotics.
Mama G's Gluten Free Goodies, LLC

Genell Pike Gluten Free Baked Goods: Muffins, Cookies, Mini-cakes, Sandwich Bread, English Muffins, Power Ball protein snacks.
Muddy Trail Jerky Company

Mary and Rene` Lusssier Beef and Venison Jerky, Beef and Venison Snack Sticks. Pickled Eggs and Sausage, Baking Mixes, Seasonings and Rubs, Entrees and Appetizers, Fresh Blueberries in season.
Naga Bakehouse

Julie Sperling and Doug Freilich Wood-fired Artisan Breads.
Owl Wood Farm

Mark Bascomb, Lindsay Fisk Organically Grown mixed Vegetables and Herbs: salad greens, tomatoes, peas, beans, carrots, beets, radishes, onions, garlic, summer squash, cucumbers, potatoes, Kale, Swiss Chard, Strawberries in season.
Pucker's Pickles

Kelley Hillis Lacto-Fermented Pickles, Cabbages, Vegetables. Dill, Sweet, 1/2 Garlic, Sour, Horseradish Pickle, Sauerkraut, Dilly Beans, KimChi, Pak Dong.
Rare Earth Body and Soul

Darlene Gregson Rustic Furniture by Barry; handmade soap, lotions, face masks by Darlene. Jewelry by Skye.
Rock Hill Bakehouse

Cobber Pratt Hand Crafted Bread, Biscotti and Cookies Look on Facebook!
Saratoga Apple

Christine Gaud Nate Darrow All kinds of Apples and apple products, cider, tree fruits, berries, baked goods, cider donuts, summer vegetables and herbs.
Saratoga Chocolate Company

Allison and Henry Rose Chocolate Bars, Barks, Hot Chocolate, Pralines, Truffles, Marshmallows, Ice Cream Toppings, S'More Packs, Cocoa Smoothie Blends, Cocoa Powder and Nibs, Frozen Hot Chocolate Mix, Hot Fudge.
Saratoga Peanut Butter Company

Jessica Arien All natural and unique nut butter creations.
Stirring Creations

Tiffany and Matthew Gregson Slotted rock holders for mail, soap, sponges, cellophane, Stone business card holders; handmade soaps, soy candles, organic shampoo and conditioner, natural lip balm.
Sweet Pea Farm

Linda Perry Perennials, Cut Flowers, Jam, Granola, Produce, Original Oil Paintings.
Tumeric Store

Alexis Cianciolo Tumeric based products, capsules, powder, essential oils, soap, face masks, chapstick, dummies, beet powder, faro, quinoa, essential oils.
YB Wild Pottery

Mike and Yvonne Wild Ceramic Pottery.
Visiting Vendors Special Events
Adirondack Health Institute Jacqueline Swan
Bolton EMS
Lake George Association Jilliam Trunko
Up Yonda Farm

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