2020 Vendors

  • Ballston Lake Apiaries & Nettle Meadow Cheese

    Sean Dean

    Email: seandean@hotmail.com

    Honey and Bee Products of all kinds; Nettle Meadow Cheeses

  • Bunker Hill Organic Creamery

    Erin Richards

    Site: BunkerHillOrganic.com

    Email: Kyle@bunkerhillorganic.com 

    Cream top organic milk 64 oz and 15 oz; White, Chocolate and Maple

  • Caldwell Country Store, LLC

    Hildy Monroe

    Site: www.CaldwellLG.com

    Email: CaldwellCountryStorellc@gmail.com

    Baked goods, Homemade jams, relishes and fudge, plants, vegetables, balsam pillows, aprons, crafts.

  • Cornell Cooperative Extension

    Catherine Martini

    Education and Information on all aspects of Gardening, Soil Testing.

    Site: www.counties.ccc.cornell.edu/warren

  • Dafni Greek Gourmet

    Martin Frazee   

    Email: Dafnishows@gmail.com             

    Site: DafniGreekGourmet.com

    Handcrafted Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oils, Olives, Herbs and Teas

  • Dickinson's Delights

    Tamberlyn and Jon Dickenson

    Email: tamberlynd@yahoo.com

    Fresh Made Crepes, Pies, Scones, Breads, Brownies, Cakes, Cookies, Baked Goods, Jams, Salsa, Granola, Hot Cocoa Mis, Prepared foods: paninis, soups, chicken salad, fruit salad.

  • Earth to Mind Hemp Oil

    Shane Avery

    Email: Shane@EarthtoMind.com

    Hemp Oil, CBD Topicals and Tinctures

  • Greener Pastures

    Rebecca Rainville 

    Facebook: Greener Pastures

    Instagram: greener_pasturesny

    Pasture raised pork all heritage breeds (usda processed) and pasture raised chickens meat 5a inspected

  • Hazeldell Homestead

    Chloe Chloe Jagelski 
    Michael Fernandez

    Fiber Arts, spinning demos, plants, woodwork, edible mushrooms, chicken and duck eggs, pastured chicken and duck, hand spun yarn, hand knit garments, seasonal produce, hand carved wood products, and handcrafted homegoods  

  • Lake George Distilling Company

    Robin McDougall

    Site: www.LakeGeorgeDistillingCompany.com

    Hand-Crafted Artisan Spirits: Bourbon, Gin, Vodka, Rum, 32 Mile Moonshine, Indian Kettles Smoked Corn Whiskey, Apple Pie Moonshine, Sweet Tea Island Shine, Lake George Lemonade, Bullhead Bourbon, Red Rock Rye, Bunker Hill Bourbon, Barrel Aged Maple syrup.

  • Lavenlair Farm, LLC

    Diane Allen

    Site: www.Lavenlairfarm.com

    Email: Info@LavenlairFarm.com

    All Lavender: fresh and dried bundles of lavender, lotion, body butter, liquid soap, bar soap, lip balm, honey, tea, cookies, jelly, essential oil, eye masks, neck wraps, hydrofoil, cookbooks, candles, lavender exfoliating putty.

  • LuveJ LLC

    Kristen Wadleigh

    Email: wadleighkristen@gmail.com

    Brownies, Cupcakes, Doughnuts, Crackers, Popcorn, Cinnamon Rolls, spices and herbs

  • Mama G's Gluten Free Goodies, LLC

    Genell Pike

    Email: TeamMamaGs@gmail.com

    Gluten Free Baked Goods: Muffins, Cookies, Mini-cakes, Sandwich Bread, English Muffins, Power Ball protein snacks.

  • Muddy Trail Jerky Company

    Mary and Rene` Lusssier

    Site: www.MuddyTrailJerky.com

    Beef and Venison Jerky, Beef and Venison Snack Sticks. Pickled Eggs and Sausage, Baking Mixes, Seasonings and Rubs, Entrees and Appetizers, Fresh Blueberries in season.

  • Natural Surroundings North

    Veronica Ross   

    Email: Naturalsvr@gmail.com                               

    Plants, planted products, containers

  • Owl Wood Farm

    Mark Bascomb, Lindsay Fisk

    Email: OwlWoodGrowers@gmail.com

    Organically Grown mixed Vegetables and Herbs: salad greens, tomatoes, peas, beans, carrots, beets, radishes, onions, garlic, summer squash, cucumbers, potatoes, Kale, Swiss Chard, Strawberries in season.

  • Patty LaFontain

    Patty LaFontain

    email: PattyLaFountain@gmail.com

    Personalized drawings, ornaments, hand painted boxes and wood items

  • Puckers Gourmet Pickles

    Kelley Hillis, Janet Kochnan, Krank Kochnan

    Email: puckerspickles@gmail.com


    Fermented Pickles, Cabbages, Vegetables, Dilly Sweet, 1/2 and Full Garlic Sour, Horseradish Pickle, Fire Habernaro Pickle, Sauerkraut, Sweet Bavarian Kraut, Dilly Beans, Kim Chi, Pak Dong, Fruit

  • Rare Earth Body & Soul and Skye Designs

    Darlene Gregson

    Email: darlene.gregson@yahoo.com

    Cold process soap. Healing lotions, serums, face masks, lip pots, chaga, Jewelry designs by Skye

  • Saratoga Apple

    Christine Gaud Nate Darrow

    Site: www.SaratogaApple.com

    Email: SaratogaApple@gmail.com

    All kinds of Apples and apple products, cider, tree fruits, berries, baked goods, cider donuts, summer vegetables and herbs.

  • Saratoga Peanut Butter Company

    Jessica Arien

    Site: www.yopeanut.com

    Email: customerservice@saratogapb.com

    All natural and unique nut butter creations.

  • Silver by Paula Anne

    Paula Plog 

    Email: PaPlog@Yahoo.com

    Silver Jewelry

  • Slate River Farms

    Nelli Lovenduski

    Email: Nellie@SlateRiverFarmsny.com

    Site: www.SlateRiverFarmsNY.com

    Chicken (non-gmo), Beef (100% Grass Fed, Eggs (Organic Feed)

  • Stavion Beads

    Starr Inrcamona

    Email: StavionBeads@gmail.com 

  • Sweet Pea Farm

    Linda Perry

    Site: www.SweetPeaFarmPerennials.com

    Email: SweetPeaFarmPerennials@gmail.com

    Perennials, Cut Flowers, Jam, Granola, Produce, Original Oil Paintings.

  • Tumeric Store

    Alexis Cianciolo

    Email: AlexisLeightumeric@gmail.com

    Tumeric based products, capsules, powder, essential oils, soap, face masks, chapstick, dummies, beet powder, faro, quinoa, essential oils.

  • YB Wild Pottery

    Michael and Yvonne Wild

    Site: www.ybwildpottery.com

    Email: ybwildpottery@gmail.com

    Functional, decorative pottery and stoneware

Visiting Vendors Special Events

Solid Rock Church

Church of the St. Sacrament Episcopal

Bolton EMS

Lake George Association

Up Yonda Farm

Bolton Free Library

Lake George Land Conservancy 

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