About Us

Vision Statement:

Welcome to our market! Free Strawberry Shortcake (with all the fixings) on the Fourth of July weekend and children of all ages get an American Flag from our Town Supervisor and the American Veterans. Stick around for our Blueberry and Apple Festivals later in the summer with pies and making cider with our Town Historian and his antique cider press. The kids love to turn the wheel! Free face painting and ice cream for children of all ages on Kids Day, and Kids Koins on every market day. Two Koins per child, one for a fruit and one for a vegetable that the kids get to pick out for themselves.

The vendors have great samples, and there is live music every week. Picnic tables on the back lawn, a bowl of ice water for the puppies, and free coffee at the Market Hub early morning. We are just the right size for a visit and have a great mix of interesting vendors: from fresh flowers to fresh baked goods to freshly made food. Watch Jon make his famous egg crepes and you choose the fillings!

One of the things our Market feels very strongly about is including various community organizations such as the American Legion, Bolton Senior Citizens, the Volunteer Fire Department, all Churches, Bolton's' EMTs (come by and check out their equipment). Up Yonda Farm brings frogs and butterflies, the Lake George Association brings interesting underwater life forms, Master Gardeners will help you grow your own garden. We encourage non-profits that service our town citizens to contact us for a visit, we love creating a space to share them with our visitors!